Terrorism is not the New Normal

I heard a self-proclaimed “terrorism expert” the other day on television saying that terrorist attacks are the new normal and that we just have to accept a certain number of terrorist attacks in our lives, which means accepting death. I would bet anything that this false prophet of terrorism has not lost any loved ones or friends to a terrorist attack, because if he had then he would know that it is not easy to just accept it.

1) First, you have to stop their momentum.  Terrorists build upon previous attacks to gain power and suppress a population.  ISIS did it in Iraq, and before them it was Al Queda in Iraq.  They have done it with less success in Europe, but let’s not forget the links between the van attack in Southern France, the shootings in Paris, the attack on the train in France, and the attempted shootings in Belgium.  They will try to use the same playbook in the United States- build one attack upon another.

2) Second, we do not hear enough about the attacks that the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement interdict and stop.  But it is a fair number of attacks.

3)  Third, don’t ever become numb to murder, and terrorism is murder.   How would you feel if one of your loved ones was killed by a terrorist that we let into this country for the sake of “diversity”?

4)  Fourth, and finally, we can manage our immigration system to our benefit.   We have no responsibility to bring in excess labor or people who will be a drag on our welfare system and our prison system.  We should end chain migration and only allow immigration from countries where we can properly vet the person.  That means we have to be able to get records of people who want to immigrate and we have to check those records.

Let’s not accept this and allow terrorism to be considered “normal”.