About Mark

Mark served on active duty as an Army intelligence officer, and completed tours in Honduras, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Owing to injury, he left active duty and worked in the business world, flipping houses, managing the supply chain of a convenience store chain and even producing a film. But he missed the friendships of the military, so he rejoined the Army Reserve.

Mark grew up in Montana and developed a love for hiking, cross-country skiing, biking and camping.

Having made a few poor career choices, and spoiling many opportunities, Mark decided to devote his career to helping others to make better decisions, not perfect decisions.   Over time, if a person makes better decisions, her life will improve, they will have more joy, more freedom, and more sense of accomplishment.  One of the ways that strategic and formal decision leads to better decisions comes about through wargaming and anticipating the moves of opposition and competition.  Many people fail to anticipate the resistance and lack of support for their ideas and courses of action, and they often overestimate out simple it will be to work out a course of action.