Guidance Counselors and Telling the Story of Your Life

High school guidance counselors give you some pamphlets for colleges and then they let you fly on your own – not wanting to push a graduate into something that later doesn’t turn out.  If you end up in the wrong place in life, guidance counselors don’t want to get the blame for it.

What guidance counselors should do is this:  Have you tell the story of how you’d like the next five years to go…. then they add in the opposition and competition, not as definite actions, but as possibilities.  For example, the student goes to college, and the opposition takes the next step, the college professor grades him.   (College students don’t receive grades, college professors give them.)  What opposition is the student going to face?

Opposition makes a story interesting, and opposition will lead to better decision making.

Another opponent that people don’t often think about is the bank, and the giant system of American business that wants your money.    What happens to your story when you run out of money?   How are you going to finish college when you run out of money? We’re just asking questions in order to complete the outline of a story.


Author: Mark O'Neill

Army Officer, Writer, Montanan, Product Manager 10 years active duty experience in the Army, switched over the Army Reserve. Information Operations and Intelligence Officer. Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Deployed to Korea and Honduras as well.

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