Veteran Shares Memories of General Patton

General Patton was one of the ultimate planners and detail guys that have ever sharpened a pencil and wrote an operations order.  Many people do not know this, but he was senior to Dwight Eisenhower, and he helped then Major Eisenhower get through Command and General Staff College by giving him advice and helping him with his papers – while not cheating.   Patton knew how far his tanks could go on a tank of fuel, and how many fuelers he had, and how many gallons each fuel truck held.  Same for ammo.  He wargamed out different scenarios in every battle that considered logistics and combat losses.  In short, General Patton didn’t just stumble his way through WWII, he planned and he wargamed it.

Learn from Patton, and start planning your way through life’s engagements.  Learn to use a decision matrix and wargaming of scenarios.

WWII vet shares memories of General Patton

Author: Mark O'Neill

Army Officer, Writer, Montanan, Product Manager 10 years active duty experience in the Army, switched over the Army Reserve. Information Operations and Intelligence Officer. Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Deployed to Korea and Honduras as well.

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